Board of Directors

Krzysztof Wisniewski – President of the Board

Krzysztof Wisniewski is a graduate of the Faculty of Economics at St. Petersburg University (Russia). He also completed courses in International Marketing at Orange East College in the USA as well as postgraduate studies in the field of Taxes and Tax Law of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw.
He is a skillful manager with a lot of experience in sales as well as in the management of a company set to execute business objectives through flexible administration and quick reactions to changes.
He acquired professional work experience in the following companies: Spedcargo, adidas Poland and Beverly Hills Video. Along with American stockholders, he introduced a new concept of video rental shops to the Polish market, which later he converted into a network of outlets that offer a vast selection of films, consumer products and services.
For over 12 years, the President was involved with the Beverly Hills Video Company, which at the beginning he fulfilled the function of Operational Director and later the function of General Director – President of the Board.

The President possesses the professional title of Tax Advisor. Moreover, he speaks fluent English and Russian. His hobbies are travel and forestry. He is married and has two sons.