The head office of DO & CO Poland is located in the immediate proximity of the Chopin Airport. Our production facility in Warsaw is one of the largest catering premises in Poland.

At the area of 13,800 square metres, we prepare 50,000 meals a day and 16 million a year. State- of- the- art technological solutions compliant with international health and safety standards have also been implemented.

Each stage of production (hot kitchen, cold kitchen, assembling department) are separated and the technological process narrowly specified.

The company possesses its own integrated computer system operating in all areas of activity. The system provides free and effective movement of data and guarantees professional customer service.

Contact details:

DO & CO Poland Sp. z o.o.
ul. Sekundowa 2
02-178 Warszawa
tel: +48 (22) 390 82 35
fax: +48 (22) 390 83 90

e-mail: docopl.sekretariat@doco.com


Our branch in Gdansk was founded in 2006 on the premises of Lech Walesa International Airport. The unit in Gdansk provides services to regular scheduled airlines (LOT Polish Airlines, EUROLOT, and SAS) as well as low budget airlines, private and government flights.

Contact details:

DO & CO Poland Sp. z o.o.
Slowackiego 208
80-298 Gdansk

Maciej Lenarcik – Director of DO & CO Poland Unit in Gdansk
Tel. +48 (58) 348 13 41
Fax +48 (58) 348 13 05
e-mail: maciej.lenarcik@doco.com

Gdansk Operations Team:
e-mail: gdn.dispatch@doco.com


The start-up of catering business in Poznan took place in 2007 and the manufacturing facility is located on Henryk Wieniawski Airport premises.
The company provides in-flight solutions to passengers and crew members onboard LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa and Wizz Air aircraft as well as to private jets.

Contact details:

DO & CO Poland Sp. z o.o.
ul. Bukowska 285
60-189 Poznan

Tomasz Pantkowski- Director of DO & CO Poland unit in  Poznan
Tel. +48 (61) 849 29 51
Fax +48 (61) 849 29 53
e-mail: tomasz.pantkowski@doco.com

Poznan Operations Team:
e-mail: poz.dispatch@doco.com


In 2001 DO & CO Poland Sp. z o. o together with GTL Service Sp. z o. o. created Lotniczy Catering Service (LCS) partnership operating at Pyrzowice Airport in Katowice.
LCS supplies meals onboard aircraft, provides catering services on the premises of Katowice International Airport as well as to other companies and institutions.
The process of preparing meals is compliant with all the standards and effective policy in airline catering.

LCS in Katowice operates according to the guidelines, procedures and systems, which have been tested and implemented at DO & CO Poland in Warsaw.

Contact details:

Lotniczy Catering Service Sp. z o.o.
Lotniczy Catering Service Sp. z o.o.
Katowice International Airport
Wolnosci 90
42-625 Pyrzowice
tel: +48 (32) 392 72 53
fax: +48 (32) 381 61 80