Dawtona is a family operated business, founded more than a quarter century ago. Since the beginning of our journey, filled with flavor and aromas, we have been working with passion to collect valuable experience in domestic and international markets, closely monitoring the changing needs and preferences of our customers. We have grown into a modern and responsible company, while staying close to the family business model rooted in nature and tradition.

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PERINO is a company specializing in the production of "pasta fresca" - fresh, deep-frozen pasta in the Italian tradition and of a unique taste. Thanks to the mixture of traditional recipes, carefully selected natural ingredients from around the world and years of experience, we are able to offer products of superior quality addressed to the professional food service sector HoReCa.

The quality of our products and services is under an ongoing process of monitoring and updating. We inspect the production process at every stage, meticulously checking every detail, so we can guarantee the unique quality and taste of our products. We believe that the way to a perfect quality never ends, so we are always enhancing our quality standards.

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Since 1988 we have been specialising in the production of sauces, ketchups, mayonnaises, mustards, dressings, marinades and savoury sticks for HoReCa. Our products are sold under our own brand name, Fanex (300 SKUs) as well as private labels of our customers.

Company flexibility is the key to the customisation in product and packaging that we provide our trade partners to meet their individual needs. Fanex's financial position and independence from external management control makes it easier for us to make quick product development and investment decisions. It also enables us to optimise operational efficiency and deliver rapid fulfilment of our customers' expectations.

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The company "Apex" was established in 1995 as a family business specializing in the sales and distribution of Indykpol (food manufacturer) products in Warsaw and in Mazowsze province. Over time, the range of offered food manufacturers products was enlarged. Our company focused on well known domestic companies producing products of poultry, pork and beef according to the old and traditional recipes based on raw materials sourced from local farmers, not industrial culture. At the same time, food manufacturers mentioned-below are the plants possessing experience and wide range of facilities that meet all hygiene requirements placed on food producers, which guarantees the highest quality products.

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Coca-Cola Hellenic Poland is a leader on the Polish market in terms of production and sales of soft drinks. The company is part of Coca-Cola Hellenic, one of the largest in the world and the largest in Europe distributor beverages of The Coca-Cola Company.

Group Coca-Cola Hellenic operates in 28 countries and serving more than 581 million consumers. The company that owns the group, Coca-Cola HBC AG, is headquartered in Switzerland and listed on the premium list of the London Stock Exchange and the stock exchanges in Athens and New York. Coca-Cola Hellenic Poland employs over 2,000 people and has three production plants



Boloni is one of the most modern meat wholesalers in Poland. Since its foundation, it systematically invests in its development and image. From the very beginning, our company‘s motto is: Customer satisfaction is the highest priority. Therefore, each and every customer - regardless of the submitted order quantity - is treated individually and with the utmost care. We use various forms of promotion and rewarding discounts. We are constantly implementing new technologies, we adjust the type and quality of services offered to the EU standards. Carefully selected staff and an efficient business management system allow for continuous expansion of distribution volume and assortment range.



Mega Fruit Company is a family business with a long history. It has a lot of satisfied clients. The cooperation between the enterprise and customers based on long term contracts. The potential of our company let us get to new markets.

Mega Fruit team has a very long experience on agriculture and food staff market. The company has specialized in delivery fresh vegetables and fruits for the such customers like hotels, restaurants, canteens, shops. The HoReCa is very dynamic, all the time attractive for the businessmen who see the possibility of development in it.

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GOBARTO S.A. It is one of the largest companies in Poland dealing with slaughter and cutting up red meat. The company controls the most important part of the capital group, which currently consists of about 30 agricultural-food companies from all over Poland, Ukraine and Germany. The Capital Group is among the biggest distributors of fresh and processed meat in the country, as well as holds 1/5 of the wild meat market and in 2007 bought the company “Stół Polski” - a well-known regional producer of sausages –which marked the group beginning of preparations for expansion in the processing market. Our goal is to achieve a leading position in this segment of the meat market in the country, in a medium term. GOBARTO S.A. since 2002 is a stock exchange company - our shares are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

GOBARTO S.A. for many years has been cooperating with the top Polish meat and sausage producers, both nationwide and regional. The scale of this cooperation, long-standing relationships combined with the deep knowledge of the market, makes the offer of the company one of the best in the market.



Délifrance is one of the biggest producers of read products and pastries. With long history and French know-how we offer products, brands and services to create temptation. In Délifrance’s assortment you will find 5 product range: bread (baguettes, bread, rolls), viennoiserie (croissants, mini danish, tresse), savoury (snacking, quiche, baskets), pastry (desserts, tarts, eclairs, donuts, pie and other) and Pan Italy range (ciabatta, focaccia, pizza).

Piekarnia Cukiernia AK Otrebusy


Piekarnia Cukiernia AK Otrębusy started its operations in the bakery and pastry market in 1991. Our pastries and baked goods are produced from the best ingredients, based on the traditional recipes. Thanks to the newest technologies and high profile research, we are able to offer products which are unique in flavor, have a superb appearance and retain highest quality.

We offer a wide selection of wheat, rye and whole bread baked only from the selected grain (rye, sunflower, pumpkin seeds). Our goods are available in three forms: bread dough, half-baked goods and fully baked goods.

We also offer a wide variety of pastries such as pies, pastry cakes, cheesecakes, apple pies, poppy-seed cakes and seasonal fruit pastries as well as a wide selection of cakes – varying from the traditional cakes with whipped cream to exquisite cakes with a gentle Royal Chocolate filling. In addition, we produce ice cream in over 40 different flavors (sherbets and milk made ice cream), chocolate and pralines.



Since 20 years we are the trusted supplier of products for the bakery, cake shop and the gastronomy. We can guarnatee to our clients the comprehensive and professional service in the fresh ang frozen products with the highest quality.

We import the shortening and mixes of american cakes from USA. Also the canned fruits in light syrup from Spain and Greece. We are the biggest importer of components for the ice-cream production, of italian company Fabbri.

We import the best quality products from Tailand, RPA, China, Holland and the Great Britain. Since many many years we are an exclusive importer and distributor, the biggest in Europe norwegian producer of baking paper from the company Nordic Paper AS.

The strategic objective of our company is to supply the widest crowd of customers in the highest quality products in the responsible prices. We treat our clients individually, looking for the best solutions, negotiate the sales conditions and provide the permanent care of our salesmens. The direct supplies we are carrying in the central, north-east and north Poland- where we have three branches: in Orzysz, Lublin and Gdańsk. As an importer we also distribute the products in the entire country through our business partners.



Our company has over 20 years tradition as a reliable supplier to the baking industry. We are also the sole suppliers of enzymatic preparations from AB Enzymes GmbH, the world's largest producer of such products.

Recent investment has allowed the company to enter a new phase in its development. Apart from state-of-the-art storage facilities, Merkur has a highly qualified and professional sales force ready to fulfill even the most sophisticated demands. Besides friendly and flexible service we can cater to the needs of the largest manufactures supplying the whole European marker. Moreover HACCP and ISO 22000 certification puts us in an elite group inside our industry in Poland.



P.P.H.U "ERJOX" A.Mazur&J.Mazur General Partnership Company is a well-established family business, whose basic scope of activity is sale, packaging and bottling of both rapeseed and sunflower oil.

The aim of the company is striving for perfection and gaining a stable position in the market through an individual approach to each customer's needs and using the best ways of satisfying his or her expectations.

The high quality of products, delivering on time and customer's satisfaction are the success of our company.


MK CLEAN provides dry-cleaning and laundry service to both individual and business customers. We are highly experienced in providing high-quality cleaning of all sorts of fabric. A high-tech equipment, professional detergents and well-trained personel guarantee the highest quality service.

We are always ready to work flexible hours to suit our clientele’s needs. Our firm meets all the EU Standards and we have got the liability insurance which makes us trustworthy and reliable. Taking care for environment is part of our policy and thus we use the eco-friendly equipment.


Inter Europol S.A.

Inter Europol Piekarnia Szwajcarska S.A.

Inter Europol bakery - the biggest breadstuff producer in Poland nowadays - was established in 1989. At the beginning, we used to deliver fresh bread in Warsaw and its vicinity. The rising popularity of our offer broadened their range and triggered the dynamic increase of production. Since we were consequently developing production facilities, the plant of Inter Europol has been already changed twice for the bigger. The new localizations and growing number of employees enabled us to reach an increasing number of our customers. Since 2000, main headquarter has been located at Słoneczna 22 street in Marki. Although Inter Europol has a modern machine park, uses the latest techniques in bakery industry, pursues production innovativeness and flexibility, the company does not lose its’ family business profile. Our bakery goods are made of the best ingredients, natural sourdough and baked mostly in stone ovens. As we meticulously pursue the policy of quality and healthful safety of the products, our clients can be sure that our breadstuff is always high-quality and healthy. The constant development, new investments and factories’ modernization obliged the company to comply with the Integrated Quality And Food Safety Management System – and as a consequence ISO: ISO 9001 and HACCP, ISO 22000, ISO 14001 as well as BRC and IFS have been implemented.

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PAKMAR Sp. z o.o.

PAKMAR Sp. z o.o.

Pakmar has been operating on the Polish packaging market since its foundation in 1990. Our challenge is to present to our clients the latest trends and achievements in the packaging field. Exchanging experiences and working closely with our customers and suppliers, we propose a full solution for your technical needs from packaging concept development to the implementation of specially formulated products. We create and modify our market offer to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. We choose innovative solutions with the highest value added for our customers.

The packaging film section offers a broad range of packaging films for food industry as well as for technical applications. It contains stretch and cling films for food industry, shrink PVC, PE and polyolefines films, flexible and semi-rigid multilayer films for vacuum and MAP packaging, Al laminates, PVC films for blister packaging, stretch films for palletizing, biodegradable PLA films and BOPP films.

Printing and paper section: self-adhesive materials for labels manufacturing made by Raflatac /Finland/, corrugated and solid board, cardboard for advertising, greaseproof paper, windows films, cold and hotmelt adhesives for packaging, bookbinding, envelopes production, laminating and coating waxes, special films for windows made of OPS and
Technology and Machines for Packaging.  We are the distributor and the world famous producer for MAP packaging Hefestus, sleeving machines, labels machines - Tadbik, sealers and tray sealer.



Arriba is a company with one mission statement always on mind: to bring a better understanding of Mexican culture through Mexican cuisine. Arriba offers the widest variety of original Mexican products. We deliver directly to our selective Polish customers in search of the true taste of Mexican food. The products Arriba brings to you are made by 100% Mexican companies with the highest quality and standards. Traditional home receipes complying with our customers’ requirements and requests have enabled Arriba to become the number one distributor of original Mexican food on the Polish market since its beginning in 2004.

For our customers, we have expanded our activities to the production of unusual vegetable salads and we gave her name PIKANTIERA ®. They are perfectly selected compositions of fresh vegetables and spices, which provide not only taste impression, but also cause that we become healthier.
Jalapeño pepper and nopal cactus used in the production are widely used in medicine from centuries.

Jalapeño contai ns capsaicin, which speeds up metabolism and recently discovered, it has healing properties in the field of oncology.
Nopal cactus is one of the few naturally occurring plants to lower blood sugar and blood cholesterol.

PIKANTIERA ® is a source of vitamins contained in fresh vegetables and irreplaceable addition in a modern kitchen!
No preservatives - 100 % NATURE!

PapilArt Sp. z o.o.


PapilArt Limited Liability Company has been present on the market since 2004. From year to year, they expand their sales network so as to reach clients and fulfil their desires in the most convenient way possible.

Currently, PapilArt is a company operating energetically on the paper packaging market, designated chiefly for the patisserie and bakery industry. We endeavour to ensure that our assortment includes products of the highest quality, meeting the most demanding requirements and tastes.

We offer a broad range of cupcake cases, made from the best quality greaseproof baking paper. We have white or colourful cupcake cases, for fairy cakes or muffins. We can prepare cases with special printing on demand.
We invite all those who wish to enhance their confections to check out our offer.

Bidfood Farutex Sp. z o.o.


Bidfood Farutex is a countrywide food distributor for HoReCa sector. The company has operated on the market for 25 years, has now 19 branches all over Poland and has cooperated with many restaurants, hotels and caffees. The company’s offer comprises nearly 8,5 thousand fresh, cooled, frozen and dry products. Bidfood Farutex is proud of its training and consulting programme called “Farutex Culinary Academy”, with an aim to raise qualifications and offer possibility to share experience among professional Chefs and Cooks from all over Poland. 



Polmars is one of the largest companies specialized in food distribution. Our main area of operation is within Warsaw, but we also serve customers across the county. For years, we have been famous for excellent service and a wide range of products.

Who are we?

  • Polish company with more than 20 years of experience in wholesales
  • We own many gastronomic outlets
  • Our offer includes a huge variety of dairy products; we are also planning to introduce frozen food this year
  • We employ a team of 80 workers such as drivers, sales representatives who contact our customers on a daily basis
  • More than 2,000 customers have put their trust in us
  • We own our own means of transport, diverse fleet with different capacity as well as refrigerated lorries
  • State-of-the-art storage sections and cold stores
  • We have implemented ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP systems
  • Our customers have their own ‘delivery dates’ depending on the place of their business
  • We guarantee a quick delivery: 24 hours from placing the order to the customer’s delivery date
  • We are also specialized in a professional point of sales service. Our catering offer is tailored and prepared by the most prominent producers on the Polish market
  • Our company cooperates with more than 80 producers and our offer compasses more than 5,700 different groceries


etiGRAF Poligrafia

etiGRAF Poligrafia

Since 1994, our company has been improving the art of printing, constantly gaining experience and what is most important ... the satisfaction of our customers.

We make every effort to ensure that our services through your products gain the possibility of an attractive and effective presentation, including professional identification.

We offer our clients a comprehensive service from assistance in the preparation of graphic design through print previews of their final printing and delivery of finished products to the destination and expected time.

We combine efficient organization and work of professional technics, which allows us to guarantee high quality printing and quick processing of orders.

The continuous process of improving our skills and upgrading our machinery is our challenge. In October 2006, we changed the place of business of transferring it from Sulejowek near Warsaw to the village Kobierne near Minsk Mazowiecki. This is where the production process of our products takes place, while maintaining the highest standards. The high quality of our work is certified by ISO 9001:2000.

Inter-mlecz Sp. z o.o.


Inter-mlecz Sp. z o.o. is a company that distributes dairy and foodstuffs products in Warsaw and environs.

The company has operated since 1992. Inter-mlecz Sp. z o.o. is a reliable and confident partner that maintains great relationships with retail and catering companies. The foundation of our company is efficient delivery of the ordered goods to the customers’ outlet on time.

Our primary goals:

  • Delivery of high-quality products;
  • Creating efficient cooperation with our customers;
  • Offering services tailored to our customers’ needs;
  • Developing the company and providing excellent customer service;
  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Constant development of the quality management system.


BakomaBakoma Sp. z oo was established in 1989 and is the largest Polish manufacturer of leather milk. The company is located in Warsaw and the production of yogurt, cheese and dairy desserts takes place in a modern plant in Elżbietowie near Sochaczew . Bakoma builds a position of a strong producer of milk products abroad since Poland joined the European Union in 2004. Products are available in countries such as the USA, England, Ireland, Portugal, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Concerned about the quality of products and their safety, Bakoma has implemented and maintained a system of analysis and critical control points ( HACCP) and a quality assurance system compliant with the international standard ISO 9001 . A specific set of cultures, juicy fruit and the highest quality milk makes Bakoma products popular with consumers. Premium Frutica, Twist, 7 grain, Bakuś, Polish flavours, Santino are the most popular brands, renowned for high quality, unique taste and innovation.


BagpolBag-Pol company was set up in 1995 as a small dairy products wholesale warehouse situated at Modularna Street in Warsaw. Ever since the beginning we have been developing dynamically and adjusting immediately to the changing conditions of the market. Bag-pol delivers goods directly to our customers as well as provides them with a cash and carry wholesale warehouse at Modularna Street in Warsaw. Our strong position on the market is due to an efficient direct delivery system to small shops and big supermarkets. We also supply food manufacturing plants with products necessary for their production, such as sugar and salt.  

Our customers can rely on our professional service, best quality goods and attractive prices. Our vast experience, reliability and high efficiency has gained us trust among our customers


BukatFruit and vegetables wholesaler BUKAT company exists from 2003. Their professional and highly qualified care of customers demonstrate them as a leader in the field of fruits and vegetables market. A wide offer of fruits and vegetables as well as other products satisfies expectations of the most demanding customers.

BUKAT serves more than 350 customers, cooperates with famous hotels, many conference centres, restaurants, shops and lunchrooms.
In 2004, BUKAT implemented the HACAPP food safety system.

Since 2008, the company  has supplied internet chain of markets named Frisco.
BUKAT’s professional logistic system, expendability of warehouse infrastructure and  modern refrigerator appliances (including 16 delivery vans and trucks)  guarantees the proper delivery of fresh and well stored fruit and vegetables to a large number of customers.


JanexJanex company, founded in 1991 by Elizabeth and Slawomir Wiesiaków, is today one of the largest meat suppliers, meat and meat semi-finished products for the HoReCa sector. Janex features a very dynamic and modern vision.

The whole company operates in accordance with the principles of HACCP. The company has  professional machinery. Among modern equipment worth paying attention to, it has the most modern machines for making sausages, hamburgers, frying bacon or sausage dicing .

It is worth noting that in addition to the regular offer, Janex company is open to all forms of individual cooperation with its customers. It takes orders for special products prepared according to specific wishes and recipes. The company Janex has an interesting and extensive offer for catering companies from pre-prepared de volailli to soups and dishes.

By choosing Janex, you choose certainty and guarantee of the highest quality and inspire a  taste of new culinary ideas.


LactimaLactima Ltd established in 1989, started processed cheese production in 1992 in a modern production plant in Morąg in an ecologically, clean region in northern Poland (Warmia i Mazury).

Lactima Ltd specializes in processed cheese production. The product range includes processed cheese slices, portions, bars, “sausages”, spreads in cups and in pouches. Lactima Ltd also produces butter, margarine and mix for catering in 10g /15g cups.
The company emphasizes superior quality and work to meet all customers’ needs. The company works according to quality management systems ISO 9001 : 2009, ISO 22000 : 2009 (HACCP), BRC, Halal.

The company sells its products in Poland and worldwide, mainly in Europe, Middle East and Far East.

La Lorraine Bakery Group

La Lorraine Bakery Group The supplier of bakery products for LOT airlines and DO & CO Poland is La Lorraine Poland, being a part of La Lorraine Bakery Group, an international bakery and confectionery producer having built customers’ trust across Europe for over 70 years.

La Lorraine Bakery Group is currently one of the leaders in the bakery production in Belgium, Poland and the Czech Republic. In Poland, the group has a modern bakery located in Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki equipped with high-tech production lines. Being part of an international corporation, we benefit from its standards and long tradition-based experience.

La Lorraine Bakery Group aims to provide a wide and unique range of superior quality bakery products in order to guarantee customer and consumer satisfaction. To achieve this, management pays particular attention to ensuring a high degree of expertise and motivation amongst its employees, constantly looking for the best standards of craftsmanship for all its products and investing in state-of-the-art technology that allows large scale production of traditional scale quality. We believe that the best way for consumer satisfaction is through constant innovation, consistency in quality and product authenticity in both taste and appearance.

Customers are the most important to us. With our customers, we build long-term relationships supported by quality, innovation, service and convenience. By combining in a harmonious way all the values cultivated by us in the past with our ambitions for the future, we are very keen and proud of what we do every day and, as a result, what we can offer to customers.
Our products present in the current LOT menu are mini rolls and viennoiseries. Freshly baked La Lorraine Bakery Group products can also be found in the DO & CO Poland offer.

We invite you to visit us at www.llbg.com/pl

SuperDrob S.A.

SuperDrob S.A. is a big and modern poultry and meat company based in Karczew, only 25 km south from Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

Our basic production involves butchery, deboning of chicken and turkey portions and wide production of poultry meat products.
SuperDrob factory in the city of Lodz specializes in processed, cooked and cured poultry, pork and beef convenience food products.

Our production plants meet the highest world standards of quality, in accordance with the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, the international standard for food manufacturers. We have implemented strict quality requirements for our own poultry breeding supervision programme throughout the whole poultry production chain under the Farm Assurance Scheme Super Partner INTEGRA ®.